International Policy

International exchange has long been an important part of the Centrale Marseille development strategy, with an extensive network of partner universities worldwide.


To prepare students for international careers, and prepare them to be leaders in the multicultural world of business, the Ecole Centrale de Marseille request them an experience of six months abroad. Companies are looking for graduates who can work in an international context right out of school.

Furthermore, each year Centrale Marseille welcomes numerous international students to its campus. About 250 international students are accepted into our engineering curriculum each year (via the French entrance exam, through a double degree with a partner university (T.I.M.E.), or for a year-long exchange program), as well as into our Masters and Doctorate programs.

Centrale Marseille is developing a number of activities to meet the needs and expectations of leading international companies and cooperates with them in their international development.

Facts & Figures

Created in 2003.....

... but strong roots:

  • 10 000 alumni
  • 950 students
  • 110 permanent academic staff
  • 90 administrative & technical staff
  • 200 visiting lecturers
  • 400 research staff