Budget - Costs of living

The amount officially requested by the French authorities is 615 € a month, but this amount is insufficient. Obviously, your expenses depend on your way of life. Here is a rough guide for an average budget:

Accomodation Cité U 140 €
University restaurant 150 €
Shopping 150 €
Personal expenses 150 €
Leisure activities (cinema, concert, bar) 50 €
Communication 50 €
Transport 40 €

Total amount 730 €


Additional Expenses:

On arrival you will have to pay :

- Tuition fees (for non-exchange programs)

- Health insurance (for non-European Community students)
- A returnable deposit for your accomodation (1 to 2 months rent) + trimestrial payment (CROUS);
- Initial expenditure (sheets, towels, cooking utensils, books etc.)

In France you can apply for the APL (Aide Personnalisée au Logement) accomodation allowance, from the French Government (CAF). The amount varies according to the rent paid and the status of the student. The form you have to fill in can be picked up at the CROUS offices or from the CAF website (http://www.caf.fr).