Public Transport

Public Transport

Bus, metro & tramway

Marseille has a bus, metro and tramway network.
There are two metro lines (lines M1 and M2), two tramway lines and a more extensive bus network.

The metro runs from about 5 a.m to 12 p.m. You can use the same card or ticket on different lines (bus and métro).

To get to Centrale Marseille, take metro 1 direction ‘La Rose’ and then walk or take bus nr.1 to the Technopôle de Château-Gombert.


Tickets for Public Transport
Your public transport ticket or card should be validated before getting on the bus or subway.

  • Carte Libertés – full fare This non-personalised card ( 6€ / 12€ ) can be used by several passengers (4 max.). It can also be used for free parking at metro stations. Price per ride : 1,20 €
  • Carte Personnelle – Full or reduced fares The carte personnelle is for a named passenger and carries your photo. It contains a memory in which your personal rights are stored. With this card, you can choose the formula best suited to your travel requirements. It is the only travel card that enables you to benefit from certain reduced rates (period or season rates) The card also includes a rechargeable ‘purse’ which gives you access to full or reduced rates and the metro carparks. The card is valid for 2 years. You can obtain your card at the RTM Espace Infos or at metro stations (points d’accueil).
  • 30 day travel card (18 to 25 years old) : 38 € *GO ! : chargeable on the Carte Personnelle. It gives you 1 year of unlimited travel on the RTM (bus tramway metro) and SNCF (train) networks (between 2 stations situated within the Marseille city limits), as well as free parking in RTM carparks . Annual GO ! card : 240 €
  • Carte Solo – single journey fare This ticket can be bought on the bus, from automatic ticket machines at the entrance to metro stations and at RTM sales offices. Cost per journey (one way) : 1,50 €

    For more information:
    L’Espace Infos R.T.M. (Régie des Transports Marseillais)
    6, rue des Fabres 13001 Marseille
    (Tel. : 04 91 91 92 10)