Exchange programs 2

Exchange programs

Ecole Centrale Marseille offers international students who have been recommended by partner institutions admission to the following range of courses:

  • Double degree programme : first two years of the three year degree course leading to the national Master’s degree in science and engineering (“diplôme d’ingénieur”). For more information about the study program: Common core 1st & 2nd year:   (Tronc commun, last year of Bachelor level and 1st year of Master level); Courses are in French.
  • Spring semester (S8) : academic semester or research placements (Master 1 level); Courses are mostly in French, some in English and should be chosen in the same track.
  • One-semester (Fall semester) or full-year courses for 5th year students (admission level 180 - 240 ECTS credits) in science and/or engineering (maths, computer science, physics, mechanics or chemistry majors). Third year specializations (2nd year of Master level); Courses only during the first semester (S9). The second semester (S10) is for the end of studies project. Courses are in French.
  • Three to nine-month projects, research placements;
  • Research-focused Master courses (one year pre-PhD degree courses).


Centrale Marseille is member of the T.I.M.E. network. 


How to apply

To be admitted to Centrale Marseille as an exchange student, you need to fill in an on-line application form via our portal.

International student application forms  for:

Application deadlines

  • for Double Degree and Third year programs (Master 2 level): 1st of May.
  • for Semester 8 : 1st of December

You are already registered ? Please access directly to Mobility Online, click here.

No tuition fees are payable by exchange students studying at Centrale Marseille through Erasmus or bilateral agreements.

If you have any questions concerning your application, please contact us by mail


The academic year starts at the beginning of September.

The academic year is divided in  2 semesters:
    • 1st semester: September/end of January (Fall semester)
    • 2nd semester: February/end of June (Spring semester)


Christmas (2 weeks): 52 & 1
Winter (1 week in February): Week 8
Spring (1 week in April): Week 15


Examinations 1st semester: February
Examinations 2nd semester: June